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Flat Pack Construction

The Flat Pack Construction Company (FPCC) was established back in 2003 and is the High Street and online retailer's preferred choice when it comes to recommending a reliable a flat pack furniture assembly company. We are a full service assembly company that services … Read More

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argos furniture assembly

Argos Flat Pack Assembly Service

Your Argos Flat Pack Assembly Service throughout the U.K means that you lucky local residents may never have to assemble another item of flat pack ever again!, Many U.K. residents have been sworn off building their own flat packs for good.  They’ve given up … Read More


7 Expert tips to assembling flat pack furniture

If you want to assemble furniture on your own, there are some easy ways to make the project go faster and make it more enjoyable. Here are some proven tips and tricks to assemble furniture from the professionals. 1. Check Your Parts - Every instruction manual … Read More

exercise equipment assembly

Fitness Equipment Assembly Service

You neither needed that extra round of drinks nor that second helping of Christmas Pudding. Yet you indulged. Aren't the holidays about good times with great food, loved ones and merrymaking? Anyway, beginning Jan. 1, you will eat healthier and work … Read More