Flat Pack Bedroom Furniture

Since flat pack bedroom furniture is so much less expensive, you can easily justify hiring someone to assemble the furniture for you.

Chances are good that if you are buying new bedroom furniture, you need to use it right away. Most people don’t have several days and weeks to take the time to assemble the bedroom furniture themselves. That’s when a qualified assembler comes in handy!

No matter where you buy your flat pack bedroom furniture, there are some basic guidelines for professional assembly costs. Our services are provided on an hourly basis, so these are rough estimates of the time it may take to assemble each piece in a bedroom suite.

Beds can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes for a simple single bed to 2 hours for a complex double or king size bed with in-bed drawers or other features.

Bedside tables are usually quick with only 15 minutes to 30 minutes for a basic small bedside table. If there are drawers, this will add some time.

Many bedroom suites have a dresser with mirror or a five or six drawer dresser. These typically range from one to two hours for assembling dressers with drawers.

Lastly, bedroom wardrobes generally take the longest because they are the largest pieces of furniture in the room and they have 2 to 4 doors and several drawers and features like tie racks and slack hangers. Figure two hours of work for expert assemblers in building bedroom wardrobes. More than one assembler may be necessary depending on size.

These guidelines will give you a good idea of the complete cost of buying flat pack bedroom furniture and having it professionally assembled and installed. Specific estimates can be given when you call to schedule an appointment. Tell us exactly what you need assembled and we can give you an estimate of time and cost.

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